Sunday, August 22, 2010

As Promised...!  These first two were made as part of a craft swap we did on Sprite Stitch.  We filled out a survey, got swapped around, then had to make item(s) for our person within a three month time span.  I got a person who I shared no common interest in gaming with, so it was a little more work than I had originally anticipated.  Also, the memo board was done on plastic canvas instead of regular Aida cloth, and since it was my first time using it, it was a bitch to make.  I said I would probably never use it again, but I have for a couple smaller projects, which you will see here in a moment.
Locke from Final Fantasy VI memo board
Assassin's Creed logo doile/coaster/wall hanging

These next couple of photos were for the same craft swap, but because some people were lame and didn't send out gifts, it was up to a few of the rest of us to make small gifts to pass along to make up for their partners flaking out on them.
A Dry Bones (from the Mario games) keychain.

Ninji (from the Mario games) keychain.

I know this isn't a cross-stitch and it's not one I made, but I thought I would share what I received in the craft swap.  Are you ready for the awesomeness?  You better get ready, because your head just might explode...
A quilt of Link (from the Zelda games) with the Tri-Force.
Pretty frickin' awesome.  I squealed like a little girl when I opened it.  The Zelda games have been my favorites since I was really young.  It's one of the very few things my mother and I have in common.

Recently, my husband asked me to make him a bookmark that he couldn't eat.  He has this thing about eating the corners of paper bookmarks, so...I decided I'd try to make some of his favorite game characters, who are not in 8-bit format, all on one bookmark.  It's not finished, yet, but here's my work-in-progress.

Top-Master Chief (from Halo)
Bottom-Snake (from Metal Gear Solid)

I haven't quite figured out how to make Snake not look like Hippie Mario/Ninja Hitler...I need to get a goatee/beard put on him, but I haven't worked it out where it looks good, yet.  I'll be sure to update you.

In closing, I leave you with my drunk stitchings.  I was bored, a little tipsy, and my cross-stitch stuff caught my eye.  They are nothing impressive, but they are cute.  Enjoy!
From top left-Martini, Heart, Smiley Face,
Sunflower, Tulip,
Girl, Boy w/ hat, My initial
I'm working on a kit right now, so nothing new for a while.  Although, there is another mini-swap I'll be doing in September, so I'll be sure to get pictures up of that once it's completed.  Until next time...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm not much for the blog scene because, frankly, my life really isn't all that interesting.  I've taken the idea from some fellow Sprite Stitchers and decided to make a blog about my cross-stitching projects so I can showcase them.  That's all I really have to say for now.  I'll get some pictures up here with my next post.  Until next time...