Monday, October 4, 2010

More September Swap

I now know that the recipient of my September Swap Surprise has received it, so...for your viewing pleasure, I give you pictures!
The first is a set of the Medallions (Quake, Ether, and Bombos) from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  Being a game that both my swap partner and I shared, it was easy for me to pick what I was going to do.  This game is really hard to define exactly what the most important item is (aside from the sword and shield, of course), but I really like the medallions, so I picked those.
TLOZ:ALTTP Medallion Magnets

Next, from Super Mario World, I made a red Yoshi's Egg pin.  Another game my swap partner and I shared and Yoshi is one of my favorite Nintendo characters, period.  Yoshi himself would have been too flimsy for a pin, so that's what made me decide upon the egg instead.  I was a little sad that I had to send this off, actually.  It turned out so cute...I'll be making myself one, soon :o)

Yoshi Egg Pin
Well, that's pretty much it for this update.  I need to get that kit finished before the end of October so the lady I'm doing it for can get it framed for her grandson.  There won't be much work in the land of cross-stitch and video games until that's done.  Until next time...